NICKMERCS explains why he enjoys Apex Legends more than Warzone

NICKMERCS compares Apex Legends and Warzone

Top streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has recently made the switch from Warzone to Apex Legends, and has now directly compared the two, explaining why Apex’s Ranked mode has him “addicted.”

Frustrated and bored with Warzone, some of Call of Duty’s biggest streamers such as CouRage and NICKMERCS have made the switch to Apex Legends. While Nick has experimented with Apex before, Season 10, and specifically the Ranked mode, has him hooked.

Looking back on CoD’s battle royale, NICKMERCS has explained why Apex has him “addicted” in a way that Warzone hasn’t for a long time.

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Seer in Apex Legends Season 10

NICKMERCS explained that while Apex is “fresh,” it doesn’t have anything “new or crazy.” Yet, he’s still loving it much more than Warzone and discussed why.

“The biggest comparison you can make is that when you’re playing Warzone, you’re going for high kills,” Nick reasoned. “But there’s no Ranked matches, no Arena, there’s nothing to grind for, nothing to play for.”

“I mean, you can play the wagers and the tournaments, but it’s just infested with cheaters and losers, and hackers ruin that either way.” NICKMERCS quit competitive Warzone all the way back in January because of these issues.

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“So I want to touch base and kind of highlight Apex and their Ranked mode,” he continued. “Because, bro, the Ranked mode is top-tier, I’ve been having so much fun playing that. I feel like it’s a really good assessment of where you’re at in the game.”

He explained that while he could join some top Apex players who would carry him to the high Ranks, he’s just been playing solo and with his friends, Cloakzy, 72HRS, and TimTheTatman. Loving the grind, he’s said that Apex has him “more locked than he’s been in years.”

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“I have something to grind for, I’m passionate about being competitive…you guys know me, I’m so competitive,” Nick concluded. “So this is a big W, I think it’s one of the biggest differences between the two games.”

NICKMERCS said to his fans that “if you guys need something to play for, to grind for…you should try out Apex Ranked, it’s great.”

Season 10 has been one of Apex’s biggest yet, so you can check out the best weapons and how to master the new Seer Legend in Emergence.

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