How to self-revive Apex Legends

Nicholas Sakadelis

Here’s how to self-revive in Apex Legends Season 7 and be your own hero when things get rough.

In Apex Legends, much like similar battle royale games, when you run out of HP, your player is “downed”. In this state, enemies can finish off your defenseless player unless a teammate comes to your aid.

Sometimes, though, things don’t go as planned, and you’ll need to get the job done yourself. That’s where a self-revive comes in handy. You can snug yourself into a remote corner away from your enemy, and bring yourself back into the fight for some well-deserved revenge.

How To Self Revive in Apex Legends

To self revive, you’ll want to grab yourself a Legendary Knockdown Shield (Gold colored). When you’re downed, you’ll now have the option to bring yourself back into the fight.

When you start the self-revive, a special animation will play of your character reviving themselves, so enemies will be well aware of what you’re onto if they see you.

Apex Legends Character cast

A solid play before self reviving is to play clueless, and act like you don’t have a self revive. If you have a teammate engaging the enemy, it might just be enough for enemies to outright ignore you if you play it right. When they run away, take your shot to get back into the action.

The Legendary Knockdown Shield is very rare to obtain, so you may go several games with no self-revive. Try to check enemies for the rare loot, you may get lucky.

That’s it! Hopefully this guide helps you in your future games.

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment