Bizarre Apex Legends Pathfinder glitch is the perfect way to escape enemies

Hamza Khalid
Pathfinder using his zipline in Apex Legends

A strange Apex Legends glitch has popped up which allows Pathfinder players to use the Legend’s Zipline Gun ability to launch themselves and their teammates into the sky.

Apex Legends currently features 22 powerful characters to choose from, and the MRVN unit Pathfinder is one of the most popular in the game because of how easily he can get around the map.

His Ultimate ability is a Zipline Gun that you can use to quickly travel between two points on the map. However, a bizarre glitch is letting players use this ability to take to the skies during battles.

Content creator ‘Mokeysniper’ highlighted this bug in a video shared on Twitter. While normally Pathfinder’s Zipline Gun must be aimed at another point on the map in order to use it, the clip showed it attaching to the sky.

Despite the fact that there was no solid surface or object for the Zipline to attach to, Mokeysniper was able to soar across the map toward the sky. He then jokingly told players to “do with this info whatever [they] want.”

This glitch provides a fun way to travel while granting a great view of the Apex Legends map. Players can use this to get away if they find themselves surrounded, but they’ll need to keep an eye out for enemies trying to shoot them down from below.

In a Reddit thread, one user shared their own experience with this glitch, claiming that the Zipline actually “connected to the area boundary wall” around the map. Another player claimed that this happens in “every walled-off game mode.”

byu/st0un1 from discussion

At the time of writing, Respawn Entertainment haven’t responded to this glitch. So, it remains to be seen if they will remove it in a future update patch, and we’ll definitely let you know if they do.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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