Apex Legends Zip Rails explained: How to use Zip Rails in Broken Moon

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zip rails in apex legends season 15 broken moon map

Apex Legends Season 15’s brand-new Broken Moon map shakes up gameplay with the new Zip Rails. Here’s how these new traversal tools work and how to use them.

Apex Legends Season 15’s Broken Moon map has finally been revealed, taking the lessons learned from previous maps to create an area that’s only “slightly larger” than World’s Edge, with much bigger POIs.

New Legend Catalyst‘s homeworld also brings a brand-new movement mechanic to the Apex Legends — Zip Rails. Here’s how Broken Moon’s new traversal system works, and how you’ll be able to use it in Season 15.

What are Zip Rails in Apex Legends Broken Moon?

Zip Rails are a brand-new movement mechanic added with Apex Legends Season 15, allowing players to travel long distances across Broken Moon extremely fast.

Unlike the zip lines that can be found in other maps, Zip Rails cover a much further distance, twisting and turning around the environment and allowing players to travel from area to area at a much higher speed.

Also unlike zip lines, players should think of Zip Rails “like a transit network with predetermined stops,” explained lead level designer Jeff Shaw. More like a “rollercoaster,” Zip Rails are a high-risk but high-reward way of traversing the map which the devs say have added a “new vector of depth and strategy.”

“You might use them to rotate quickly, but can also use them to escape from danger or aid you in making a really quick decisive push,” they explained. But, you might find enemies for you at the stations.

Although you’ll be moving extremely fast, you’ll still be a sitting duck to accurate players. Plus, it won’t be easy to return fire as you won’t be as accurate while using them.

The devs hope these Zip Rails will encourage more variety in players’ drop habits, where players mostly land towards the edge then rotate in.

How to use Zip Rails in Apex Legends Season 15

The devs haven’t revealed much about how Apex Legends’ Zip Rails will work, but the gameplay teaser showed a character using a launch pad to jump onto the rail at, presumably, one of the stations the devs mentioned.

It also appears that players can hop off the Zip Rails at any point, but it remains to be seen whether they allow for flashy movement tricks like the zip lines.

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