Apex Legends World’s Edge map updates teased by dataminer

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends World's Edge Harvester

New leaks suggest Apex Legends’ World’s Edge map will be getting some interesting updates in the near future, which could result in the map taking on a vastly different look.

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy saw the return of a fan-favorite map, World’s Edge, after a season-long hiatus. This was great for those getting tired of Obliterated Kings Canyon and Olympus, providing players with a fresh battlefield.

Of course, due to the new Genesis Collection Event, players can still play the original version of Kings Canyon and World’s Edge until July 13th. Still, new leaks suggest World’s Edge could be getting some major updates in the near future.

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Apex Legends World's Edge map changes

World’s Edge has been through various changes in the past, from Capital City being divided into Fragment East and West to Drill Site being taken over by the Planet Harvester.

The Planet Harvester seems to have actually caused the divide in Capitol City, drawing materials from the planet’s core, ultimately causing a split in the earth that went right through the city.

This same issue also seems to be at the center of the leaked upcoming map changes, as the Planet Harvester continues to cause problems to World’s Edge.

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Apex Legends World’s Edge map updates

Dataminer @kralrindo is responsible for the leaks surrounding the map updates to World’s Edge, sharing audio logs that refer to an “Earthquake” and “Harvester CPU Warning,” suggesting something huge will be happening to the integrity of the land in World’s Edge.

These audio logs coincide with the recent leak of the “teaser logs,” which refer to the “increasing Harvester activity” and catastrophic earthquakes making the planet crack apart.

Although we’re not sure when this will actually occur, it is more than likely to happen due to the amount of evidence suggesting a map-changing event in the files.

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It could happen over a period of time, or maybe even at the start of Season 10.

Further, much like the Season 8 Arenas teaser, KralRindo also revealed dates for a similar teaser system for the upcoming World’s Edge map updates:

  • Phase 1 “2021-07-15 10:00:00 -08:00”
  • Phase 2 “2021-07-18 10:00:00 -08:00”
  • Phase 3 “2021-07-20 10:00:00 -08:00”

Although these are leaks and nothing is yet confirmed, it would be great to see some changes to World’s Edge, as the map has been untouched for a few seasons now and would give it that new, fresh feeling for players to enjoy and get excited about playing Apex Legends again.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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