Apex Legends: Wattson’s Tactical is extremely worse than other Legends

Joseph Pascoulis
Wattson in Apex Legends Season 9

Apex Legends players have discovered an interesting reason as to why Wattson is in dire need of a buff when comparing her Tactical to that of other Defensive Legends in the game.

Apex Legends has shifted the meta quite a lot this season, bringing huge buffs to Rampart, which saw her pick rate climb much higher than what it was before the Evolution Collection Event.

Having said that, some players are still not too happy with Wattson, as players feel as if she could use a buff, especially when comparing her Tactical ability to the rest of the Defensive Legends.

wattson tactical electric fence in apex legends

Wattson hasn’t received much love from the devs in Season 10, as although she is the latest to receive a Twitch Prime skin, her place in the meta is still disappointing.

While those who use Wattson can definitely do great things, you need to be very experienced and clever to outperform the other Defensive Legends. Hence her pick rate being sub-par.

Reddit user lilakey exposed one of the main reasons Wattson needs a buff on the Apex Legends subreddit, showing the community: “Watson’s cooldown compared to other defense legends.”

In the post, the Apex Legends player compares Wattson’s Tactical fence ability to Rampart’s walls, Caustic’s gas traps, and Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection.

As the post demonstrates, in the time it takes one fence to recharge for Wattson, “Rampart can use three walls,” “Caustic can use 3 traps,” and “Gibby can use 2 domes.”

The player feels this is extremely unfair for Wattson, as “a legend shouldn’t be entirely reliant on a 3-minute ult cooldown or RNG. Other defense legends bring much more consistent value to the team for a fraction of the cost.”

Ultimately, Wattson’s fences take way too long to charge up, and although they are strong, Caustic traps, Rampart walls, and Gibraltar’s Dome are all equally valuable to a team in Apex Legends.

There is no confirmation as to if or when Wattson will receive a buff, but it’s clear she needs one, especially her Tactical cooldown, which the user feels should be reduced.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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