Genius Apex Legends trick greatly improves hip fire accuracy

Apex Legends trick

A few Apex Legends players have discovered a brilliant trick that increases the accuracy of hip-fire shots. It’s a bit difficult, but you can master it after a bit of practice.

Apex Legends players have been using different techniques and strategies during battle ever since the game launched in 2019. Experimenting with Legends’ abilities lets you discover new tricks, like the one to confuse foes as Wraith.

Now, a new trick has been discovered that allows you to combine character abilities and shooting weapons to improve your hip-fire accuracy in the midst of combat. Here’s what you need to do.

Bangalore in Apex legends

Reddit user IWishIwasARespawnDev posted a clip in the Apex Legends subreddit, noting that if your character has an ability that you can hold while hip-firing, then you can pull off this clever trick.

Bangalore’s smoke is one of these abilities, and you can start shooting while holding it to notice the effect it has on your accuracy. This makes the trick ideal for running and gunning, but there is a drawback.

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This strategy will be most effective when playing with a controller, so players on the mouse and keyboard will be far less beneficial.

A few players in the comments noted that this trick helped them win matches, while others have brought up that using it while crouching isn’t the best idea. This because it can severely slow down your movement, and leave you vulnerable to enemies.

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“I honestly can’t think of any situation in which this would actually give you an advantage over just fighting normally and having full mobility,” wrote Redditor r4zrbl4de.

Despite this, it’s still worth trying during battle. We recommend experimenting with it in the Firing Range to see if it suits your playstyle.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment