Apex Legends Skull Town Arenas map teased by devs

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends skull town arenas

The Apex Legends developers have yet again teased the return of Skull Town, but this time as an Arenas map, leaving fans excited for what’s to come.

With the recent tease of the well-missed Kings Canyon POI, Skull Town, players have been awaiting more news concerning its return.

Just yesterday, fans received a new story animation for Pathfinder, which revealed some interesting lore behind the Apex Games. However, with the current “dry spell” in Apex Legends, the devs clearly think it’s time to bring the fan-favorite location back in an unexpected way by making an Apex Legends Skull Town Arenas map.

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Apex Legends Skull Town Arenas Map

Skull Town’s return has been on player’s minds ever since it was destroyed during Season 5, creating Salvage.

One player even came up with an idea for Skull Town to be available as a custom map so that fans could experience the POI once more.

Reddit user cow_durr posted the idea with the caption, “Surround Skull town in cliffs and give it to us as a custom map to play against our friends.”

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One comment even read, “You don’t even need rocks. Just have a lvl 4 ring around it. You’d die if you tried to leave. Boom, perfect deathmatch arena.”

It seems the player’s requests will finally be answered. As over on Twitter, Respawn Entertainment put up another post teasing Skull Town’s return in the possible form of an Apex Legends Skull Town Arenas map.

The post read “what if skull town was an arenas map” in some very cryptic-looking text.

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This would be great for Arenas, as the mode has felt a bit stale as of recent, especially without a ranked playlist, so the community would undoubtedly be happy to do battle on an Apex Legends Skull Town Arenas map.

This may draw more players to the mode and get them into the new 3v3 gameplay Apex is clearly trying to push just as much as the battle royale.

As soon as we have more on Skull Town’s return, be sure to stay tuned on Charlie INTEL for more Apex Legends, as we will have all the latest here.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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