Apex Legends players roast $60 bundle that costs as much as “75+ hour” Baldur’s Gate 3

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends revenant with baldur's gate 3 character

Apex Legends players are shocked at the price of cosmetics in the free-to-play battle royale, as they highlight a bundle that’s priced the same amount of money as Baldur’s Gate 3, a full RPG game with over 75 hours of content.

Apex Legends Season 18 introduced players to a complete overhaul for Revenant which totally changed the Legend’s abilities and moved him from the Assault class to a Skirmisher.

Revenant Reborn didn’t just come with brand-new abilities, but the character also received a fresh new look. When a new Legend drops, the devs always release a launch bundle upon the season’s start. Despite not being a new character, the devs felt Revenant’s new look justified the need for a new launch bundle and skin for the Legend.

There are two versions of the launch bundle. The Penumbra Bundle is 3,500 Apex Coins and it mainly offers the new launch bundle skin for Revenant Reborn, as well as a Legendary Nemesis skin.

However, the bundle that has the Apex Legends community shocked at the price tag is the Resurrection Launch Bundle, which sits at 6,300 Apex Coins. This bundle requires players to purchase $59.99/£53.99 worth of Apex Coins, unless they have some spare sitting around.

This steep price has been highlighted on the Apex Legends subreddit by user avskrap, as they compare the price of the cosmetic bundle to Baldur’s Gate 3, a fully-fledged RPG game with “75+ hours of content.”

The OP asked: “These two cost exactly the same, which do you choose?”

Many in the comments were shocked at the bundle’s price, as one comment stated that it “really puts things into perspective.” Another player agreed, as they commented: “LMAO AINT NO WAY APEX CHARGING 60 for that.”

Some feel the decision between the bundle and Baldur’s Gate 3 is an easy choice: “Cosmetic bundle with no impact on gameplay or AAA release with 75+ hrs of content. A remarkably easy decision!”

Some users were even questioning why anyone would “EVER consider buying cosmetics over an actual game,” begging players to “stop buying into EAs system.”

While the price is extremely high on this Ressurection Launch Bundle, it does include a lot of content for players: Premium Season 18 Battle Pass access, Legendary Revenant Reborn skin, Legendary Nemesis skin, Epic Revenant Skydive emote, Epic Holo, Epic Sticker, Rare Loading Screen, and 25 Battle Pass levels.

That said, you’re only going to get the total value of this highly-priced bundle if you complete the Battle Pass, so the money spent doesn’t equal an instant reward. Players will have to put the time in to get their money’s worth.

If you’re interested in Baldur’s Gate 3, make sure you check out our guide to the BG3 launch times, or, if you’re still more of an Apex player, check out how to equip Dive Trails in-game.

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