Apex Legends leak reveals upcoming 3v3 Arena mode

Joseph Pascoulis
Apex Legends 3v3 Arena Mode

Apex Legends data miners have revealed Respawn Entertainment’s plans to add a new 3v3 mode to compliment the already successful battle royale.

Popular data miner @Shrugtal released some interesting information surrounding a new mode that could be entering Apex in the next season. The new mode is known as ‘Arena’ and will possibly be held across smaller versions of the already established POIs in all three of the current maps.

The 3v3 Arena mode is said to be a more permanent mode, unlike the previous LTMs we have seen in Apex. In a recent video, Shrugtal states that the mode will be alongside Play Apex and Ranked Leagues. It will reportedly be its own separate permanent game mode, which could also potentially have a ranked league much like the battle royale.

The 3v3 Arena mode is said to also be taking place in the individual POI’s (Points of Interest) across Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus.

During the halfway split of Season 8, players saw Mirage Voyage disappear from Kings Canyon. Dataminers have found Olympus audio associated with the floating cruise ship, suggesting it will arrive there in Season 9.

There is also speculation that Mirage Voyage will be the first location for the new 3v3 mode, potentially acting as the reason for its recent disappearance.

Another interesting element of the new arena mode is that it will have Ash as the announcer, much like Revenant during the Shadow Royale Halloween event. This suggests Ash won’t be the new Legend in Season 9, but at the same time, it does bring credibility to her arriving in a later season due to the similarities with Revenant’s arrival.

@Biast12 also leaked some of Ash’s announcer voice lines for this new mode, as well as a 3D model and new badge featuring the future Legend.

Hopefully, we’ll see this new 3v3 Arena mode soon, adding another dynamic to the increasingly popular battle royale. Stay tuned for more updates on Arena, as well as other events and LTMs in the future.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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