Apex Legends leak reveals Laser Sight attachment gameplay

Joseph Pascoulis
apex legends season 12 trailer laser sight

Apex Legends leaks have revealed the first gameplay of a brand-new Laser Sight attachment that could be coming to Respawn’s battle royale in the future.

Leaks concerning a Laser Sight weapon attachment have been surrounding the community since the launch of Season 12, as it was seen in the trailer for the season when the Syndicate captured Mad Maggie.

Now, in Season 13, a leaker has revealed gameplay visuals for the attachment, which is suspected to arrive in a future season.

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apex legends mad maggie laser sight

We’ve already seen a few leaks this season, with the upcoming Collection Event, Valkyrie Heirloom, and even a potential Lifeline Town Takeover on Olympus.

Having said that, ever since they were seen in the Season 12 Mad Maggie trailer, players have been speculating and leaks have revealed that a new Laser Sight attachment is indeed in the works.

Now, new leaks have been revealed by CompanionForApexLegends which shows footage of an anonymous play tester using the Laser Sight attachment.

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The Laser Sight attachment is a red beam in the gameplay, and its description reads: “Moderate hipfire spread reduction. Laser is only visible to allies.”

As you can see in the gameplay, the Laser Sight attachment goes in the same spot as the Barrel Stabilizer. It seems that players will have to choose one or the other, opting for recoil control, or hip-fire accuracy with the Laser Sight.

Not only will this attachment give the player a more accurate hipfire, but the laser also won’t be shown to enemies, so you won’t have to worry about the attachment giving your position away.

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This attachment may be very useful for close-range weapons like the R-99 and C.A.R., as these weapons are generally used in close-combat situations, giving you the edge with added hip-fire accuracy.

Unfortunately, Season 13 didn’t bring a new weapon or attachment, but it seems there are plans to bring both in the future, as the video also shows the Nemesis Burst AR in their loadout.

As more information is released about future Apex Legends content, we’ll be sure to cover it so stay tuned. For now, check out who the most popular Legends are in Season 13.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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