Apex Legends dev responds to fans asking for Octane launchpad changes

Andrew Highton
apex legends octane launchpad

Apex Legends fans feel Octane’s launchpad needs big changes. As a result, one of Respawn Entertainment’s devs has addressed the complaint.

Octane is certainly one of Apex Legends’ most liked and used selections as he boasts a range of cool gadgets and gizmos. From his Stim that buffs his stats to the ability to regenerate health with Swift Mend, Octane is a tasty proposition for survival.

Though, these abilities are quite possibly made to look like child’s play in comparison to his super-useful launchpad. It does exactly what it says on the tin as it has the capability to fling players into the air at speed and cover a great stretch of the map.

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So it seems puzzling to question why people want changes made to such a useful tool that can help cover the great expanse that is the map.

The problem with Octane’s launchpad is that comes with virtually no drawbacks. Usually, abilities have some kind of telltale sign that they’re being used such as sounds or sights – the launchpad has practically nothing.

It’s a great benefit for Octane users, but enemies in the field are at a disadvantage because they don’t know if anyone has just landed next to them. Case in point is a recent thread on Reddit, discussing Octane’s launchpad.

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User bluepatience made the case for Octane’s launchpad being in need of change: “I am fully aware this isn’t the time for it, however, don’t you think Octane’s pad should have a more visible or audible cue?

This is basically teleportation with no sound, exactly the kind of situation you have been avoiding for 4 seasons with Loba’s tactical. I can hear and see Pathfinder, Loba, and Horizon but not Octane. This video is a prime example of unfairness for the other team.”

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As we said, the comment didn’t go unnoticed as a Respawn Lead Game Designer saw the sentiment and said “We’re working on having better “player traveling through the air” sounds for all cases where you’re in the air. That should fix the jump pad too!”

So it seems like Respawn was already working on the matter internally. So Octane players should probably try and make the most of their silent jumping whilst they still can.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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