Apex Legends dev explains why they’ve removed Hammerpoint in Season 9

Hamza Khalid
Respawn explain why they vaulted the Hammerpoint in Apex Legends Season 9

The Hammerpoint is a hop-up for the Mozambique in Apex Legends, and Respawn made the decision to vault it for the upcoming Season 9. Now, one of the devs has explained the reason behind this decision.

Respawn Entertainment have a ton of content planned for Apex Legends Season 9 when it goes live on May 4. This includes the new Legend Valkyrie, and a permanent 3v3 game mode mode called Arenas.

The game will also get two new hop-ups, Shatter Caps and Deadeye’s Tempo. However, the devs will vault the Hammerpoint hop-up in the new season, which has led to many questions from fans. Now, Respawn have addressed this change.

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Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy Hop-Ups

Respawn’s decision to vault the Hammerpoint in Season 9 caused a ton of questions to pop up from the Apex Legends community. One of the developers took to Reddit to explain that this is because they’re buffing Mozambique in Season 9.

They decided that they wanted to avoid making the Mozambique “overpowered” by keeping the Hammerpoint in-game. Another reason was that they wanted to make room for the new Bocek Bow hop-ups.

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“Long story short, because of buffing the base weapons, we would have to nerf the hop-up’s power so it wasn’t OP… the hop-up only really works as a high-risk high reward item, so it just didn’t work well anymore,” said the dev.

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Apex Legends hop up

The Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up work increases the damage that the Mozambique can deal against unshielded enemies in Apex Legends. This helps make the weapon ideal for close-range engagements.

While the Mozambique will not be as effective without the hop-ups, hopefully, the new buffs they have planned will make the gun more formidable in the long run.

The devs have made it clear that they’re open to exploring some changes for the Hammerpoint in the future, so we might see it return in a future season.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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