Apex Legends dev discusses tuning Octane’s Launch Pad

Hamza Khalid

Octane is a Legend that you can use to launch across the Apex Legends map quickly. Now his Launch Pad ultimate might get buff in a future update, as discussed by an Apex developer.

Apex Legends Season 7 is well underway, and we’re excited to see what the devs will work on next. Respawn Entertainment devs are working on multiple seasons in advance, which means that they have some major surprises planned for fans in the future.

An upcoming patch will change how Octane interacts with the Launch Pad, so your launch will change depending on how you approach the pad – running or sliding, for example. A fan asked if this change will affect Octane’s mid-air accuracy, and a Respawn dev replied.

Will Octane’s Launch Pad ultimate get a buff?

Lead Game Designer Daniel Z. Klein was answering fans’ questions about Octane’s jump pad on Twitter when he was asked if there are tweaks being made to his mid-air accuracy.

Klein made it clear that they’re probably not going to change it, and that he feels that the mechanic works fine.

“I don’t think we’re touching that,” he said. “And I in fact do think it’s a good mechanic– I think he should maybe always have this? Regardless of whether he’s sliding into it or not? It positions the jump pad as a more offensive tool.”

You can check out the full thread of tweets below:


Getting offensive with Octane’s Launch Pad

While jumping off the Launch Pad can throw you straight into the action, it’s not going to guarantee you a lot of accuracy when shooting while mid-air. You can only achieve this by sliding into the platform instead of using it normally.

Apex players can take advantage of this mechanic to land some great hits after launching themselves, and maybe even get some kills before they land on the ground. It takes a bit of practice to get it right, but once you learn it, then it will feel extremely satisfying.

The developers could alter the mechanic so that you no longer need to slide into the Launch Pad in order to make it work. If they tweak it, then you could achieve 100% mid-air accuracy by having Octane perform different interactions with the platform.

Octane in Apex Legends

This buff would give you more options in terms of using the Legend’s ultimate. You can launch yourself into the sky and make it difficult for enemies to hit you, while you start chipping away at their health before touching the ground.

You can also get yourself out of danger, and make your way across Olympus with haste with the help of this mechanic. Hopefully, we’ll see some kind of change that expands these possibilities soon. So far Respawn devs haven’t confirmed anything, but we’ll be sure to update you if they do.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment