How to check the Apex Legends ALGS standings

apex legends algs standings

The ALGS is Apex Legends’ official esports scene where the best teams across the globe go head to head. Here’s how you can check the Apex Legends ALGS standings for the latest tournament.

Apex Legends is nearing Season 11, and the developers have been teasing the next season’s content through various hints in-game.

The ALGS is currently hosting its Pro League tournament, which will take us through to the new season. The ALGS Pro League is the latest Apex Legends esports tournament boasting a prize pool of $125,000, which the best players across the globe will be competing.

Here’s how you can check the current Apex Legends ALGS standings whenever you want to see how the competitors are doing.

apex legends valkyrie

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or even a new player looking to get better at Apex Legends, the ALGS Pro League is great to watch if you’re a fan of the game.

If you’re just tuning in to the event and want to know which teams have been performing well, there is a great website you can use to get all the insight you need into the Apex Legends ALGS standings.

Apex Legends ALGS standings and schedule

The website is called liquipedia, and it holds a lot of information on stats and Apex Legends ALGS standings for all the Apex Legends tournaments, including the ongoing Pro League.

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Each region has 40 teams split into four groups of ten based on their previous ALGS tournament performances. Teams play 36 games in a double round-robin format which sees each group playing each other twice.

You can either view the current standings for an overall region or the standings for the individual groups within the regions. The website also details information about each team’s placement and KP for every match played.

For example, here are the current overall Apex Legends ALGS standings in the North American region:

North American ALGS Pro League week 1

The tournament is split into regions:

Teams play six games in one series, and there are six series in total, meaning groups compete once a week across six weeks. You can use the website to stay up to date on the standings for every region, or maybe just the region you’re particularly interested in seeing.

Don’t forget. You can also check the ALGS schedule and watch it live on the Apex Legends YouTube channel, so you don’t miss any of the action!

For more, here’s the pick rate of every Legend in Apex Legends Season 10.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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