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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players desperate for new night maps

Players are desperate for Respawn Entertainment to have two variations of Apex Legends maps that have never been seen in the game before.



apex legends olympus and world's edge

With Halloween on the horizon for Apex Legends, players are eager for Respawn Entertainment to implement night variations of World’s Edge and/or Olympus.

Apex Legends has undergone some significant changes as of late, with more still to come to the popular shooter. Season 10’s early god, Seer, has fallen by the wayside thanks to some much-needed nerfs, and tap-strafing is about to be removed from the game altogether.

Data miners have possibly identified a brand new map coming to Apex Legends in Season 11, but in the meantime, players want Repsawn to provide newer versions of its current maps.

As part of Halloween, Kings Canyon usually gets a special nighttime version of the map to celebrate the occasion, but players would like Olympus and World’s Edge to get the treatment too.

kings canyon in apex

There’s always a need and want for something different with Warzone players wanting something similar with the game’s Rebirth map – seeking a night version.

Apex is no different, and Reddit user DarkDays3 pointed out Respawn’s tendency to make Kings Canyon a night map, but thinks it “would be cool to change it up.”

They said: “This upcoming Halloween can we get a night World’s Edge or night Olympus? Pretty sure it’s going to be a Halloween event upcoming and they usually throw in Kings Canyon night.”

One of the post’s top comments even chimed in with a cool suggestion saying: “I hope they start making all maps night version, God imagine an Olympus at night, with all the billboards and house lights on, it would be even more futuristic looking and super cool, also WE [World’s Edge] for the lava shown here.”

With Apex Legends being insanely popular at this moment with many players having switched over from Warzone, there might be more urgency from Respawn to keep things interesting.

For the moment, it’s a case of waiting for the Halloween period to see if Respawn does indeed go bigger on the night maps in Apex Legends.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment