Activision says there’s ‘a lot of work to do’ before cross platform play for their titles

Keshav Bhat

Sony dropped a huge shift in gaming yesterday when they announced that they’ll open up PlayStation 4 to cross play with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. PlayStatuon announced Fortnite as the first title that’ll support the cross platform play in a beta style first.

With this in mind, many have asked if Activision titles could support cross platform, like Call of Duty and Destiny.

Activision responded to IGN that they have a lot of work to do to ensure it works and wants to see the results of the current tests before gauging their decision:

“We’ve had a great experience with cross-play for Hearthstone on other platforms and have witnessed how compelling it can be for our community,” a spokesperson said. “There’s still a lot of work to do on both our side and the platform side to understand whether cross-play might be integrated into our other games, so we’ll be watching the upcoming test and will assess what the potential impact of this feature would be for our players and our games.”