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Who are Iono & Bellibolt in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? Electric-type Gym Leader explained

The Pokemon Company revealed Scarlet & Violet’s Electric-type Gym Leader, but who is Iono and her partner Pokemon Bellibolt?



Iono and Bellibolt Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Scarlet and Violet’s Levincia Gym Leader has been revealed as the charismatic Iono. It’s known she specializes in Electric-type Pokemon, and her signature Pokemon is none other than newcomer Bellibolt.

Excitement for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is beginning to build with the game’s release scheduled for November 18. The Pokemon Company continues to reveal minor details about the Paldea region without giving away Scarlet and Violet’s big secrets.

Players will once again have the chance to take on the Gym Leader Challenge in the hopes of becoming a Champion in Scarlet & Violet. Newly revealed Levincia Gym Leader Iono will be one of the obstacles in your way and her Electric-type Pokemon including Bellibolt should be fierce competition.

Who is Iono in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Iono is one of the Gym Leaders you’ll encounter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. She’s a high-energy character with a ton of charisma, which fits nicely with her role as an influencer and streamer.

Iono’s specialty is Electric-type Pokemon and she’ll be the final obstacle you’ll have to face when it comes to the Levincia Gym in Scarlet & Violet.

Keep in mind you’ll be able to take on the Gym Leader Challenge in any order, so you can visit Iono at any time throughout your journey across Paldea.

Who is Iono’s partner Pokemon?

Bellibolt Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Iono explained that her partner Pokemon is “squishy” and “sluggish” and “has two bumps on its noggin’ that people always mistake for eyes.” On October 14, Iono’s partner Pokemon Bellibolt was revealed and it fits the above description perfectly

Prior to revealing the identity of Iono’s partner Pokemon, The Pokemon Company urged fans to guess who it might be and players were stumped.

Bellibolt is yet another new Pokemon revealed for Scarlet and Violet, and it joins Pawmi as the only other new Electric-type.

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Image Credit: The Pokemon Company / Game Freak