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Where to find UFOs in GTA Online: Locations and rewards

UFOs are back in GTA Online and players are being asked to find them all. Here’s where to find every UFO and rewards on offer.



GTA Online UFO sightings

UFOs have invaded GTA Online this Halloween, and capturing evidence earns players valuable rewards. Here’s the location of each new UFO sighting in GTA Online and the prizes up for grabs.

GTA Online is celebrating all things spooky with a special Halloween event once again this year. There are plenty of themed modes to drop into, and Jack O’ Laterns scattered around the map to collect.

The strange happenings don’t stop there either, as UFOs have been spotted around Los Santos, and players are being asked to take photos to prove the rumors are true.

Here’s the location of each UFO in GTA Online and what your reward will be if you find every one.

GTA Online UFO locations

There will be 25 UFOs to track down around San Andreas starting on October 13, with a new one appearing across 17 days. The last sighting will be on the Saturday before Halloween when the UFO event draws to a close.

The unidentified objects can only be seen between 10 PM and 4 AM in-game, so you’ll have to wait until nighttime rolls around to start taking pictures. Once you’ve snapped a UFO you’ll have the option to send the photo to Omega. Doing so will strike that particular ship off the list.

Luckily, thanks to GTA Series Videos on YouTube, we can see the location of every UFO ahead of time. Check them out below:

DayUFO Location
1 (Oct 13)Paleto Bay
2 (Oct 14)Above sunken UFO near Paleto Bay
3 (Oct 15)Mount Chiliad
4 (Oct 16)El Gordo Lighthouse
5 (Oct 17)Altruist Camp
6 (Oct 18)Silent Probe Mountain in Sandy Shores
7 (Oct 19)Satellite Relay Station off Route 68
8 (Oct 20)Gunrunning UFO Crash Site south of Fort Zancudo
9 (Oct 21)Shack (Grand Senora Desert) and Gunrunning UFO Crash Sight
10 (Oct 22)Patriot House near Redwood Lights Track
11 (Oct 23)Farm off Baytree Canyon Road
12 (Oct 24)Palmer-Taylor Power Station
13 (Oct 25)Paleto area
14 (Oct 26)Altruist Camp, Fort Zancudo and Farm
15 (Oct 27)East Blaine County x3
16 (Oct 28)Kortz Center, Galileo Observatory, Vinewood Sign, Land Act Dam, and NOOSE Headquarters
17 (Oct 29)14 UFOs all across Los Santos

GTA Online UFO event rewards

Each UFO picture of a UFO will be rewarded with $15,000 and 1,000 RP, so there’s plenty of incentive to find as many as possible. If you manage to snap every single one, you’ll also get $50,000 and a Glow Believe Cap.

On the final day of the event, you will be abducted by the lines if you approach one of the ships. By the time you’re beamed back down to earth, you’ll be wearing nothing but UFO Boxer Shorts, which will be yours to keep.

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Image credits: Rockstar Games