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Where to find apples in Genshin Impact

Food items are quite useful for gaining health and other attributes, so here’s where to find apples in Genshin Impact.



Four apples, Ganyu, and Xiangling in Genshin Impact

Apples in Genshin Impact can be used to make dishes like Northern Apple Stew that help your characters in getting stronger. Here’s a guide to finding apples in Genshin Impact across Mondstadt and Liyue.

In the beautiful world of Teyvat, travelers can find a wide range of raw ingredients and process them to get dishes. This includes apples that grow on trees in Mondstadt and Liyue.

Genshin Impact players might require apples for events such as Marvelous Merchandise where Liben demands certain items in exchange for rewards. The fruit also instantly grants 300 HP to characters upon consumption.

Here are the best locations to find apples in Genshin Impact.

A campfire in the Genshin Impact open world

What are apples used for in Genshin Impact?

An apple in Genshin Impact restores 300 HP when a character consumes it. Moreover, it is a part of the following recipes:

  • Der Weisheit Letzter Schluss –  increases the party’s critical rate by 16% for 300 seconds.
  • Satisfying Salad – increases the party’s critical rate by 6/9/12% for 300 seconds
  • Northern Apple Stew – restores 30/32/34% of Max HP and an additional 600/1,250/1,900 HP to the target character. The output depends upon the quality of the dish.

Best locations to find apples in Genshin Impact

You can find apples in Genshin Impact in areas such as Wolvendom, Dawn Winery, Starfell Valley, and Windwail Highland. Destructible crates and barrels that are spread across the map also drop apples randomly when players investigate them.

Last but not least, the Bolai NPC in Liyue Harbor sells apples.

Locations to find apples in Mondstadt

Starfell Valley

You can start farming apples from the Starfell Valley in northern Mondstadt. Teleport to the northern waypoint of the region and head south towards the city gates. The exact locations of the apples are marked in the image below:

Apple locations in Starfell Valley of Mondstadt

Windwail Highland

The Windwail Highland region in Genshin Impact’s Mondstadt covers major landmarks like Wolvendom and Dawn Winery. Luckily, players will also find many apples in these locations. It is best to start the farming route from the waypoint near the river and head south towards the Wolvendom.

Apple locations in Windwail Highland region of Mondstadt

Brightcrown Canyon

Teleport to the northern waypoint in Brightcrown Canyon in Mondstadt and head north to get three apples. Thereafter, teleport to the two waypoints below and you’ll find four trees near them.

The exact locations of the apples in the game have been marked in this image:

Apple locations in Brightcrown Canyon region in Mondstadt

Locations to find apples in Liyue

Dihua Marsh and Wangshu Inn

The areas surrounding Dihua Marsh and the Wangshu Inn contain apples, and the exact locations have been marked in the image below:

Apple locations in Liyue

Every apple tree in Liyue is near a Teleport Waypoint which definitely makes things easier.

Where to buy apples in Genshin Impact

Bolai, a shopkeeper residing in Liyue Harbor, sells apples in Genshin Impact. He sells 10 apples for 2400 Mora and the stock refreshes every three days. Players can find Bolai under the wharf in his shop called Wanyou Boutique.

Bolai NPC's location in Genshin Impact

It is worth noting that Apples in Genshin Impact respawn after 24 hours. Moreover, at every aforementioned location, you’ll find three apples as they grow in a group of three. All in all, you should easily get over 50 apples with this guide.

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