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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players convinced Battle Hardened wasn’t actually buffed in Season 5

Warzone Pacific players are reporting that the Season 5 buffed Battle Hardened Perk is not working to protect them from Stun Grenades.



Warzone Pacific Operators and Stun Grenade

Warzone Pacific players are reporting that the Season 5 buff for the Battle Hardened Perk is not working to effectively counter Stun Grenades.

On August 24, the Warzone Pacific developers used the Season 5 update to significantly buff the Battle Hardened Perk which is primarily meant to protect players from Flash and Stun Grenades during battles.

Now, Battle Hardened should grant players an 80% resistance to both of these pieces of tactical equipment. However, players have claimed that the Season 5 buff to this Perk isn’t working.

Reddit user ‘digital_zero’ shared a video of their gameplay in which they claimed to have the Perk equipped. The clip showed them being shot at and then taking cover in order to heal from the attack.

They were hit with a Stun Grenade which ended up disabling them. Even with Battle Hardened equipped, the stun reportedly ended up lasting for 3.5 seconds. The Redditor described this as a “good demonstration of the buff not working as intended.”

Before the Warzone Pacific Season 5 buff, Battle Hardened granted 50% resistance to Stun Grenades, and digital_zero claims that not even that amount of protection was being provided in the clip that they shared.

Many of the commenters in the thread were surprised to see that the buff wasn’t working, and one of them stated: “Battle Hardened should not even make you stunned for that long to begin with. Stuns are broken.”

Generally, new seasonal updates tend to bring strange glitches that are later patched up. At the time of writing, the Warzone Pacific developers have not responded to this issue yet, and we’ll be sure to let you know if there are any more changes made to the Battle Hardened Perk.

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Image credits: Activision