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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone Season 2 brings significant changes to some Cold War Weapons

It appears that Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 has broken & fixed many of the Black Ops Cold War weapons in its arsenal, per YouTuber JGOD.



Warzone weapon changes Season 2

CoD: Warzone Season 2 is out now, and brings some heavy changes to Black Ops Cold War weapons, for the better and the worst.

Warzone Season 2 includes some much-needed tuning to weapon stats, which were previously unreliable, as weapon attachment pros and cons were inaccurate in the menus, as revealed by YouTuber JGOD.

As of the new update, it appears that Raven Software has taken the initiative to fix things, but yet also break a few things in the process. Per a Tweet from JGOD, it appears that the Agency Suppressor for Cold War weapons is currently broken, giving players reduced bullet velocities on select Assault Rifles.

This is troubling for players, as the Agency Suppressor has unique Warzone-only traits (separate from Cold War), which gives players extra range on their weapons.

Per JGOD’s Tweet, this basically “ruins” Cold War guns in Warzone for the time being, as Agency Suppressor is a pivotal attachment at ranges. Since this was revealed, Raven has publicly acknowledged this issue via a Tweet, and vows to fix it in a future update.

Fortunately, though, it does appear that Cold War barrel attachments are now accurate to the stat changes indicated in-game, a long-running issue that we’ve seen since the Black Ops Cold War X Warzone integration back in November.

As per bug fixes this update, it appears that the glint issue for Cold War snipers still exists within Warzone. When players use a 4x and 20x scope on these snipers, there is no distinguishable glint for other players to see at long range – an important sign that an enemy is targeting them.

For all of the new stat changes to weapons, we recommend watching JGOD’s video below to get into the loop.

As for bug fixes, you can keep an eye out on Treyarch’s and Raven’s public Trello board, or stay tuned @CharlieIntel for any updates.

Image Credits: Activision