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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone expert IceManIsaac calls for bigger Gas Mask changes after Season 5 update

Warzone Season 5 introduced the fan-requested Gas Mask toggle feature, but CoD pro IceManIsaac has called for even bigger changes.



Warzone Operator Gas Mask

The ability to manually equip the Gas Mask finally arrived in Warzone Season 5 after years of player complaints, but pro player Isaac ‘IceManIsaac‘ Hamilton believes the change isn’t enough to fix the problem.

Warzone Season 5 is here, bringing with it plenty of new content to dive into. The update added the Heroes vs Villains event for players to get stuck into, as well as a number of needed nerfs and buffs to the game’s growing roster of weapons.

But of all the changes included in the update, none had been more long-awaited than the Gas Mask toggle feature. After years of the Gas Mask’s automatic animation leading to frustrating deaths, Season 5 finally gave players the choice of when to equip the item.

Players can now go into the menu and change their Gas Mask setting to “toggle only.” This means they can decide the right time to equip the protective gear, rather than an unstoppable animation playing as soon as they enter the gas cloud.

However, Warzone pro IceManIsaac feels that the changes aren’t enough, and called for the Gas Mask animation to be scrapped altogether.

“Can we just remove the gas mask animation completely? No one wants it,” Isaac tweeted, claiming that removing the gear is still an issue.

“@RavenSoftware the “toggle” gas mask animation allows us to choose when we put our gas mask on, but it still forces the “removal” animation when the gas mask runs out (thus interrupting ADS/Reload/etc).”

CoD leaker TheGhostOfHope responded, arguing that removing the animation removes the risk-reward element of going into the gas. However, Isaac replied with three counterpoints explaining why he disagrees.

“1. Their solution doesn’t work. 2. The risk is the gas damage (not to mention the coughing and horrible visibility). 3. Show me another BR that interrupts any action you take (healing, ADS, reload, utility, etc – it used to interrupt parachutes) for a pointless gas animation.”

Another response from esports commentator Clint Evans proposed that Gas Masks should no longer take damage even if they’re not equipped, which could open the door for new tactics when fighting close to the gas.

“That’s what I thought too. It could make for some obnoxious gas plays in customs, but in pubs it’d really add to the skill gap/survivability,” replied IceManIsaac.

Sadly, since Season 5 is the final season of the original Warzone, it’s unlikely that the devs will introduce a major overhaul to the feature this late in the game. Hopefully, Warzone 2 will come up with a more popular way to handle Gas Masks and their animations.

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Image credit: Activision