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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone pro Aydan slams Season 5 MW MP5 nerf

Top Warzone player Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad has expressed his disappointment with the MW MP5 nerf in the August 16 Season 5 update.



Aydan and the Warzone Mp5

Modern Warfare’s MP5 received some major nerfs in the Warzone August 16 update, and these changes haven’t sat well with one of the game’s biggest stars, Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad.

The MW MP5 is one of the most popular SMGs in Warzone, with many players often dominating matches with it. However, the weapon has been severely affected by new balance changes in Season 5.

On August 16, a new update buffed guns like the Fennec while giving the MP5 a major nerf. Now, Warzone star Aydan has expressed his frustration with the decision to weaken this weapon.

MP5 in Warzone

The SMG had its damage brought down from 34 to 31 in the update, and the max damage range was reduced by 5.4%. These changes weren’t to everyone’s liking, and Aydan shared his thoughts on them.

“MP5 nerfed?” asked the top player. “Whoever made that decision should be fired. The gun was ONLY good close range and it wasn’t even meta.”

According to the Warzone patch notes, this change is meant to make the weapon a “little less forgiving,” but it’s debatable whether or not the MP5 really needed a nerf at this point.

Aydan acknowledged that while the weapon wasn’t quite meta before the update, it was still a popular pick. Warzone fans consider it to be one of the most reliable weapons in the game, and it has been a go-to secondary weapon for players ever since the Call of Duty battle royale was released in 2020.

Raven Software will be keeping an eye on the performance of the MP5 after the update patch, and they might provide the weapon with a buff in the future if its pick-rate has been severely affected.

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Image Credits: Activision