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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players roast “terrible” new Bitrate Banger anime bundle

Warzone Pacific players have been openly slamming the brand-new anime-inspired Bitrate Banger cosmetics bundle.



Bitrate Banger Operator skin in Warzone

The Warzone Pacific developers added an anime bundle called ‘Bitrate Banger’ in Season 4 Reloaded, and players have openly criticized this new addition.

There have been a few notable crossovers in Warzone that brought new content for players to unlock, including the Attack on Titan anime crossover which featured the Captain Levi Operator skin.

That anime bundle was criticized by players with comparisons being made to Fortnite’s collaborations. Now, the new Bitrate Banger anime bundle is also being ostracized by the Warzone community.

The Bitrate Banger Bundle features the High Bitrate Operator skin, new weapon blueprints, charms, emblems, and other cosmetic items. The H4 Blixen Lovedrunk Melody weapon blueprint allows you to blast music for your Operator to dance to.

While the developers added these with the intent of making things a bit more fun for players, they haven’t been well-received, with many criticizing the fact that these cosmetics are anime-inspired.

One Twitter user replied with an image of old Modern Warfare 2 weapon camos, explaining that they miss their simplicity. They tweeted: “I miss this. No anime stupid-looking guns. Just camos.”

A few other Twitter users felt that an anime aesthetic doesn’t suit the tone of Warzone, and one player sarcastically stated: “Oh, I remember when my grandpa used one of these in Normandy during WW2.”

Reddit user ‘DefunctHunk_COD’ started a thread in the Warzone Pacific subreddit, asking players their opinions on the new High Bitrate Operator skin that’s included in the Bitrate Banger Bundle.

One of the commenters described it as “terrible” before adding that the developers are not targeting Fortnite players rather than the fanbase that grew up playing Call of Duty titles. They concluded by saying “this is what sells.”

While many players were extremely critical of the Bitrate Banger Bundle, not everybody slammed it. A few users defended it in the thread while showing their appreciation for the addition of the anime-inspired camos.

One user felt that they were refreshingly different than the other camos in the game: “What’s wrong with anime camos? Everyone doesn’t want to see and play with boring camos every day.”

This cosmetic bundle has brought a variety of different opinions from the Warzone Pacific community, and it remains to be seen exactly how the developers are planning to respond to this feedback.

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Image credits: Activision