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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Warzone players claim Redacted weapons tease huge Vanguard attachment changes

Warzone players feel that the new Redacted Weapons are hinting at a big attachments change after the Vanguard integration.



Characters fire weapons in Vanguard

Warzone will receive new weapons after being integrated with Vanguard, and some players feel that the new Redacted weapons are hinting at a big attachments change. 

Warzone’s brand new Iron Trials ’84 introduced a new weapon type labeled ‘Redacted.’ This has led to a ton of speculation among players about the effect these weapons will have in future CoD titles.

Now, players are claiming that Redacted weapons are actually teasing a major change to how attachments work that will arrive when the Warzone and Vanguard integration completes.

Warzone Redacted weapons spark Vanguard rumors

Vanguard Hotel Royal map

Reddit user AdIndividual4648 was trying out the Iron Trials and ended up collecting a Redacted Assault Rifle. This perplexed the player, who then asked about the gun in the Warzone subreddit.

Many of the commenters were confused about what purpose these weapons serve in the battle royale and some began speculating that they’re hinting at a major attachment change coming in Vanguard.

“Maybe the 8 attachments thing is gonna be a feat for Vanguard weapons in order to phase out the Cold War weapons,” wrote one user.

Most players in the community believe that Redacted weapons are a way for the developers to prepare fans for the gameplay differences that will arrive after the Vanguard integration.

Currently, there is no confirmation that the developers are going to change how attachments work in Warzone, and this is all just speculation so it’s worth taking with a grain of salt.

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Image Credit: Activision