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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players call for even more Perk changes following Season 5 update

Although glad to see Perk changes in Season 5, Warzone players are calling for even more changes in future seasons.



Warzone perk selection

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 changed up the Perk meta for the first time, and players want to see more Perk updates going forward.

Warzone is deeply tied to Modern Warfare (2019)’s multiplayer, sharing its engine, mechanics, and Perks. While a few of these, such as Ghost and E.O.D. found their place in the battle royale’s meta, a lot of multiplayer-focused Perks were never used.

Raven Software sought to change that in the Season 5 update, introducing two new Perks and giving Cold Blooded and High Alert some powerful buffs. Warzone players were glad to see these changes, and are calling for even more going forward.

Warzone Tempered perk

After praising Raven Software for updating the Perks and adding more, Reddit user u/Lma0-Zedong said that it doesn’t seem enough. “There are still many perks that hardly get used because the benefits they give are very niche or not that good at all,” they explained.

They argued that “giving them extra features or improving their effects may be beneficial for seeing an increase in their usage.” The OP gave a list of suggested improvements and changes that went down extremely well with the community.

A suggestion that many agreed with was to buff Scavenger, which is the least used Perk in Slot 1. The OP suggested that “Enemies drop 50% more cash on death than usual and it’s guaranteed that they’ll drop 3 plates even if they have less than that.”

Cash in Call of Duty Warzone

They also suggested adding more original Perks, such as “Big Lungs” which removes the Gas Mask animation and allows you to survive in the gas longer. They also want to see “Cash Collecter,” which increases the chances of getting money from crates.

While these changes were welcomed, one user said they’d appreciate “literally any kind of change,” as “With it being a CoD title, I’m not used to using the same perks on the same map for more than a year.”

It’s clear that Raven Software is aware that the community is looking for more changes to Perks, and they could arrive with Vanguard’s extensive integration which has been leaked for launch.

Image Credit: Activision