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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players call for devs to make major change to crossplay

Warzone players are calling for major crossplay changes, after some of the differences between PC and consoles have caused issues.



Warzone characters aiming weapons

Crossplay in Warzone allows gamers on all platforms to play together, but it does pose some problems. Now, Warzone players are calling for a major change to the crossplay between PC and consoles.

Like many online games, Warzone features cross-platform functionality that allows players on PC and different consoles to compete in the same lobby.

It’s an addition that lets friends on different platforms game together, and it helps keep matches fully populated.

However, differences between console and PC gaming often lead to disputes between the two communities. This appears to be the case once again, only this time players are calling for a drastic change.

warzone characters facing camera

Reddit user LookHerePlaya claimed that PC players had been complaining about including a FOV slider on the console version of Warzone. In response, they urged devs to tweak the crossplay option to allow for console-only lobbies.

“Go on Twitter and you see all the big streamers mad at aim assist, got one steamer saying consoles don’t deserve a FOV slider,” they said. “Everywhere I go I see players with suped-up 144hz plus setups complaining as if they don’t have every advantage in the world.”

They go on to say that adding console vs. console crossplay would go some way to solving issues that divide the two platforms, from players cheating to complaints about aim assist.

“They don’t want to play with us and we don’t want to play with them from what I’m seeing,” they added.

The post received many comments, further highlighting some of the animosity between the two platforms, with some pointing at the success of Apex Legends, which does offer console-only matches.

Others say that “big streamers” that play on mouse and keyboard are fuelling the debates over topics like aim assist.

It remains to be seen if devs will take the fan’s thoughts on board. But for now, crossplay functionality in Warzone will remain the same.

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Image credits: Activision