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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players call for changes to “ridiculous” weapon leveling after every update

The Warzone Pacific community is upset that the weapon unlock system favors players with more time to hop into the game.



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Warzone Pacific players are frustrated with the game’s weapon unlock system for giving a significant advantage to those with more time to level up their guns.

Warzone Pacific Season 4 brought numerous changes that are bound to affect the game’s meta, including new weapons like the Marco 5 SMG along with buffs and nerfs to existing guns.

These changes encourage players to hop into the game and start unlocking or leveling up the new meta weapons and attachments. However, Warzone players feel that this system is unfair to casual players.

Marco 5 in Warzone Pacific

Reddit user ‘tcarnie’ expressed their frustration in the Warzone Pacific subreddit and described the weapon unlock system as “ridiculous” for making the game feel unbalanced.

The Redditor stated: “I play a fair amount, have had the game since day one, and have suffered through all metas. But I have not had time to level the Blixen or the new SMG and frankly, it’s just not fair competing against someone that has.”

They then criticize the developers for making the fastest TTK weapons only available to players who have extra time to grind in the game. That gives these players an advantage over those who can’t play for the same amount of time.

This sentiment was shared by many of the commenters who agreed that it’s unfair for the weapon unlock system to put players at a disadvantage for not having enough free time to grind in the game.

One user wrote: “The grind to level weapons gets longer every year and it’s now at the point where you can’t keep up unless you’re playing regularly throughout the week. A casual player who can only afford to jump on for a few hours at the weekend has no chance.”

The devs have previously made other changes to cater to the average player, like nerfing Sniper Rifles and adding the Serpentine Perk. Now, players are calling for changes to the weapon leveling, with one user suggesting that it be removed from the game altogether.

Another commenter stated that there’s no need for weapon levels in Warzone to unlock attachments. They added that rather than leveling the playing field, weapon leveling and unlocking “just makes no sense.”

At the time of writing, it remains to be seen if the Warzone Pacifics developers are planning to respond to these complaints by making some major changes to the weapon unlock system. If they do, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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