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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players beg for changes to Season 3 Reloaded ground loot

Warzone: Season 3 Reloaded players are begging Raven to change the ground loot pool, complaining that the 1911 and M60 are “terrible.”



Player using an LMG in Warzone

Finding good guns early in Warzone can be the difference between a victory or defeat, but some players think Season 3 Reloaded’s needs major changes to give them a chance to compete.

One of the first things any Warzone player does when they land in Verdansk ’84 is scour the area for weapons. With enemies dropping around you, it’s vitally important that you get your hands on a gun, because you know your opponents are doing the same thing, determined to wipe you out.

The unfortunate reality is that with floor loot, everything is completely random, so you may find yourself with a powerful Assault Rifle or stuck with a pistol, putting you at a distinct disadvantage.

For Season 3 Reloaded, it seems the latter is happening more often than the former, and after exiting games early due to the lack of power in floor loot, players are begging Raven Software to make some changes.

Warzone player using pistols

One of the most prolific weapons in Season 3 Reloaded’s ground loot is the 1911 pistol, with Reddit user PearkerJK12 complaining that there is “literally no good reason for there to be four variations of the starter pistol.”

“In a season where the ground loot has been horrible,” they continued, “It would be nice to cut the sh*t and give us something decent to land on, and remove the starter pistols from the ground.”

Others definitely agreed, with some complaining that the M60 LMG is “absolutely terrible,” while others simply called this season’s floor loot “the worst ever.”

Reddit user MLauz44 believes there’s a simple way to fix it though, by simply including some Modern Warfare weapons into the ground loot. They believe it would add more variety to the pool, saying they have no idea why Raven chose to remove them.

While players are definitely unhappy, there is some reason to be hopeful. Raven have proved throughout Season 3 that they are listening to feedback from players, nerfing “Big Bertha” Cargo Truck spawn rates in the May 27 update after fan complaints.

Whether they will make any significant changes to the loot pool this season remains to be seen, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated if Raven respond to the criticism.

Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision