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Warzone devs respond to “current profile is not allowed to play multiplayer” Xbox Live Silver error

Warzone developers Raven Software have responded to an issue where players with Xbox Live Silver can’t play the game in Season 3.



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Since the launch of Warzone Season 3, users with an Xbox Live Silver membership have been met with an error message when trying to access the game. Raven Software have now responded to help put affected players’ minds at ease.

The much-anticipated launch of Warzone Season 3 has brought plenty of players who had maybe fallen off the CoD battle royale back to Caldera. The wealth of new content like the Nikita AVT Assualt Rifle, or the promised Godzilla vs King King event, also means new players could be dropping in for the first time.

Unfortunately, players on Xbox who haven’t paid for an Xbox Live Gold membership have been greeted by an error message when they try to load up the game, causing great frustration among the community.

Developer Raven Software have now responded to the issue, in an effort to treasure the affected players.

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Unlike other multiplayer titles, Warzone doesn’t require its players to have a paid online subscription on their chosen platform. In an effort to make it truly free-to-play, the COD BR can be enjoyed without PlayStation Plus or with a free Xbox Live Silver membership.

However, since the eagerly awaited launch of Warzone Season 3, those on Xbox without Xbox Live Gold are seeing an error message appear when they try and open the game.

The message reads: “The current profile is not allowed to play multiplayer on Xbox Live.”

Just one day after the problem emerged, Raven tweeted assuring players that their concerns have been heard. “We are investigating an issue where Xbox Live Silver users are unable to play Warzone,” they said.

The tweet came with a link to the developer’s official Trello board, where the error is listed under the “global” tab.

Sadly, the team didn’t go into specifics about what caused the issue with Warzone’s multiplayer policy, or how long it would take for the issue to be resolved.

Given that Raven are currently investigating, Xbox players without a paid online subscription hopefully won’t be out of action for too long, and they can get back to leveling up the Season 3 Battle Pass soon.

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Image Credits: Activision