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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone devs respond to broken Dark Aether camo after November 4 update

Raven Software’s have responded to complaints that the latest Warzone Season 6 update has broken Dark Aether camos.



dark aether camo in warzone

The November 4 patch appears to have caused Dark Aether camos to malfunction in Warzone Season 6, and Raven Software has issued a statement on their plans.

Dark Aether camo has run into another hitch in Warzone after the latest issue has caused it to display incorrectly in Warzone Season 6. After being promised for so long, it took months for Dark Aether camos to finally appear in Warzone.

Only, they appeared because hackers released them into the game early. Then, when the Dark Aether camo was officially injected into Warzone, lots of players complained that they couldn’t equip it.

The camo has been working perfectly for a while now, but it seems like the latest Warzone Season 6 update has broken it again, and Raven Software has responded.

A Reddit post by user Dante_TR showed the difference between the Dark Aether camo in its current state, and what it should like normally.

“They ruined it. Raven you are the worst at camos,” is the name of the post, and Dante_TR provided a visual comparison of the Dark Aether problem.

As you can see, pre-patch the camo looks like its normal, textured, and detailed self, whereas post-patch it becomes rather blotchy and plain when compared.

However, Raven Software has acknowledged that this isn’t right and Raven’s issued an official Tweet about the Dark Aether camo bug.

As usual, it’s only fair to commend the devs for acting so quickly and recognizing that there is definitely a problem.

We expect that this shouldn’t be too much of an issue for Raven Software to repair, so we’d expect an incoming patch in the not-too-distant future.

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Image Credit: Activison / Raven Software / Treyarch