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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone devs remove Combat Bow Killstreak following invincibility glitch

There shouldn’t be any more invincible players dominating Caldera after Warzone’s devs removed the Combat Bow Killstreak.



warzone player using combat bow killstreak

The Combat Bow Killstreak has long been a powerful tool in Call of Duty: Warzone, but it has been removed from the game following a game-breaking issue that turned players invincible.

The Warzone Season 3 Reloaded update is almost here, bringing the new Serpentine Perk, the H4 Blixen SMG, and finally adding 120Hz support back to Xbox Series consoles. This update should bring even more bug fixes, but it appears there was one issue that couldn’t wait.

A bizarre and game-breaking glitch was allowing players hit by the Combat Bow Killstreak to become completely invincible and, presumably in response to this, Raven Software have temporarily removed the weapon.

Rambo with Combat Bow in Warzone Pacific Caldera

Warzone has had a few invincibility glitches and exploits in its time, and the Combat Bow killstreak has been the cause of a couple.

Verdansk players became infuriated with an exploit where if a player using a Riot Shield was hit by the Combat Bow or the Rytec’s explosive rounds, they became completely invincible. Unfortunately, the glitch remained when Warzone transferred over to Caldera.

Now, it seems an entirely new Combat Bow invincibility glitch arrived ahead of Season 3. If a downed player was using a self-revive and a Combat Bow landed nearby, they’d be stuck in the downed state – but become completely invincible.

Warzone’s developers Raven Software announced on May 23 that they “temporarily removed the Combat Bow Killstreak due to an ongoing issue.” While there’s no guarantee that Raven Software have disabled it to address the invincibility issues, it’s the most likely reason.

The devs didn’t say when the Combat Bow will come back but with how delighted players in Raven’s replies were to see it removed, don’t expect players to be begging for its return any time soon.

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Image Credit: Activision