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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone devs confirm Sniper Rifle buff for Iron Trials mode

The new Iron Trials mode introduced a higher time-to-kill to Warzone, and devs have confirmed that Snipers have been buffed to match it.



Warzone player aiming sniper

Iron Trials ’84 is going down well hardcore Warzone players in Season 5, with fans loving the extra challenge the mode brings. Sniper Rifles are still an effective way of securing victory, and devs have now confirmed they have received a buff.

The Warzone Season 5 Reloaded brought plenty of fresh content to the battle royale, including brand new modes. Although Clash was added over Plunder, it’s the introduction of Iron Trials ’84 that has been the most well-received.

The difficult new playlist has a slower time-to-kill and rarer loadout drops, challenging players to “flex their mastery over the entire arsenal of weapons.”

To help meet the extra challenge, devs have confirmed that Sniper Rifles have received a significant buff in the mode.

Warzone players riding quad bike

A user took to Reddit to express how much they were enjoying Iron Trials, welcoming the more hardcore elements such as the slower TTK, but they also hinted that Snipers had been nerfed.

In response, Raven Software clarified that long-range weapons like the Kar98k and Swiss K31, have instead been given a buff to make them more useful in these new conditions.

They said that the headshots with Snipers now do “300 damage” from over 30 meters away, in order to keep with the extra base health and healing each player has.

The devs added that any Sniper Rifle that could pull off a one-shot headshot from under 30 meters in the normal Warzone battle royale “can still do so” in Iron Trials.

News of this buff sparked some debate among the community. Some fans felt that the increase in head-shot damage made sense when you consider the extra health that each enemy has.

However, others felt that 300 headshot damage is “too high,” and that 250 may have been more reasonable.

Iron Trials has introduced plenty of changes that shake up the standard Warzone formula, It remains to be seen how many of these will stick in the mode long-term, and which ones will be changed in a future update.

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Image credits: Activision