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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone devs bring long-requested Radar Jammer nerf to Fortune’s Keep & Rebirth Island

Warzone’s Radar Jammer Field Upgrade covered almost all of Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep, so the devs brought a welcome nerf.



Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep in Warzone

Warzone’s Radar Jammer Field Upgrade arrived in Season 3, completely disrupting enemy minimaps. However, players feel the radius was far too big on Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island, so the devs made a welcome nerf.

When the Radar Jammer first launched in Season 3, players immediately noticed that they were a problem on Rebirth Island. Their huge radius wasn’t adjusted for the smaller map, and they scrambled almost the whole area.

The problem carried over to the similarly-sized Fortune’s Keep and Warzone’s developers followed up on their promise to adjust it, nerfing the Radar Jammer’s size on both Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep.

Radar Jammer and Warzone Rebirth Island

In a tweet on July 13, Warzone devs Raven Software announced that they “recently pushed a small update to reduce the radius of Radar Jammers by 20% on Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island.”

Now, Radar Jammers will cover less ground in both Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth, hopefully making them less of a “nightmare.”

Raven’s replies were full of players delighted with the change, with streamer Saphnir explaining they want to see more audio adjustments but “these new small changes are superb!”

However, some feel that Raven Software need to go further to fix the Radar Jammer issue. Top streamer Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow said: “I am getting JAMMED way too often on the keep lately, maybe think about reducing the drop rate.”

“Should of been at least 75% if you ask me but 20% is a start,” said Twitter user Wepaaa. Another user suggested they simply “remove them on small maps.”

Raven confirmed that they’re “we are continuing to monitor engagement and feedback,” so there could be even more Radar Jammer changes in the future.

The next major update will be Season 4 Reloaded at the end of July, and the developers likely has a number of quality of life changes up their sleeve.

Image Credit: Activision / YouTube: FableStar