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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone dev reveals frustrating reason they can’t buff Modern Warfare weapon attachments

Warzone players are desperate for Modern Warfare weapon attachments to be buffed, but a dev has explained why they won’t do it.



Nikto shooting in Modern Warfare multiplayer

Warzone players have been calling for Modern Warfare weapons and their attachments to be buffed ever since Cold War’s guns were added, but a dev has explained the frustrating issue preventing them from doing that.

Even after the integrations with Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard, Warzone is still intrinsically linked to Modern Warfare 2019. This means that changes that happen in Warzone can have an effect on multiplayer such as increasing the health and even making the graphics worse.

Although over a hundred weapons have been added, players still prefer Modern Warfare weapons because of their smooth animations and overall feel. They’ve been calling for attachment changes such as larger magazines since Cold War weapons arrived, but a dev has explained why they haven’t done it.

Spotted by YouTuber WhosImmortal, Raven Software Senior Game Designer Tully Ackland took to Twitter after the Season 4 Reloaded update to explain why they’re limited in how much they can change these weapons.

After a player asked if the buffs also apply to Modern Warfare multiplayer, Ackland responded that “base weapon modifications are specific to Warzone. However, attachments are not.”

“This is mainly why we refrain from touching a MW weapon’s attachments because those are shared and we have to consider MP in those cases,” he explained, confirming that increasing magazine sizes “cannot be easily done.”

Over the past few updates, it’s only been Modern Warfare weapons’ base values such as damage that have been changed, and now we know that this is because the devs don’t want to completely up-end multiplayer’s weapon balance just to suit Warzone.

Players often credit Vanguard weapons’ incredible 3-6x scope and huge magazine sizes for their dominance, so without attachment changes, it’s unlikely Modern Warfare guns will become the true meta.

However, Warzone 2 arrives later in 2022 with a clean slate, featuring only Modern Warfare 2 weapons on its leaked map.

Image Credit: Activision