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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone Cold-Blooded perk gets powerful buff in Season 5

The Warzone Cold-Blooded perk received a major buff in Season 5 which allows players to negate the affects of other powerful perks.



Warzone Cold Blooded Perk

For those who prefer to stay undetected, the Warzone Cold-Blooded perk received a major buff at the start of Season 5.

The Warzone Cold-Blooded perk is one of the most popular perks in Call of Duty: Warzone because of its utility against AI and thermals. It doesn’t hide players from UAVs or Recon Drones, but it does make players a lot harder to find.

At the start of Warzone Season 5, Cold-Blooded has received a buff that makes it an even more powerful perk. Especially since one of the new perks added this season would likely cause the death of many players. Luckily, the Warzone Cold-Blooded perk negates its effects.

Warzone Cold Blooded Perk

Warzone Cold-Blooded perk Season 5 buff

The first major buff for the Cold-Blooded perk is that the user no longer triggers the High Alert perk, which got a major buff of its own this season. High Alert causes a yellow outline to appear around the user’s HUD when an enemy outside of their view sees them. However, High Alert no longer detects players using Cold-Blooded.

Cold-Blooded also works against a new perk called Combat Scout. This perk is extremely useful, but it won’t affect players using the Warzone Cold-Blooded perk. When a player using Combat Scout damages another player, the damaged opponent will be highlighted orange for a moment and will be pinged.

Combat Scout will be one of the best perks to use, especially in team game modes. If knowing where your enemy is located is half the battle, Combat Scout already has that half covered.

Thanks to these two buffs, the Warzone Cold-Blooded perk will keep players hidden for longer. Without High Alert or Combat Scout giving away your location, Cold-Blooded is one of the best perks to have equipped.

Warzone Cold Blooded Perk

Perks can be confusing, but having the Cold-Blooded perk equipped is now a no-brainer for those looking to be as undetected as possible on Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

If you aren’t sure which Perks are best for your playstyle, check out our guide on the best perks in Warzone, and make sure to stay tuned for future news and guides.

Image Credits: Activision