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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone cheats and hackers have been hit with another ban wave

Activision has thrown down the ban hammer on more cheaters and hackers in Warzone to try and remove it once and for all.



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The latest Warzone ban wave has arrived with more hackers and cheaters losing access to CoD as Activision tries to clamp down on cheating.

Cheating has been prevalent in Warzone for some time now with players repeatedly complaining about their gameplay experiences being ruined by hackers. For months, cheaters have been using aimbot to pick off players with laser precision and using a variety of other underhanded tactics to prevail.

Activision has recently unleashed several ban waves to curtail the efforts of wrongdoing players, but it still isn’t proving that effective leading to popular CoD Player Tom “Syndicate” Cassel to ridicule the anti-cheat system.

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It doesn’t matter how enjoyable Warzone is, if it’s being tainted by cheaters that can guarantee they will win, then it saps the fun out of the game for honest players.

Raven Software is at the heart of Warzone and is part of the efforts to try and reduce the levels of cheating in Warzone. They recently Tweeted out to inform players that another round of bans would be coming, and they have.

Though this measure doesn’t seem to be doing much to appease frustrated Warzone players that are being subjected to regular games of blatant cheating. In the thread for the original Tweet, Twitter user Joshua Cudny said: “Bring in an anti-cheat system with the millions of revenue generated, ban IP addresses from playing online, allow only 1 account per console, allow for cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation and not PC.”

Players have been crying out for an authentic, efficient anti-cheat system for some time now, with many questioning if Warzone even has an anti-cheat system.

The devs now seem to be really clamping down hard on cheaters and even if it’s coming late on in Season 1, it means that Season 2 can hopefully be a more freeing and conventional season of Warzone.

Image credits: Activision