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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone 2 pro proves 60 FOV can actually be OP: “I’m cheating for this”

Call of Duty players were desperate for a high FOV but it turns out lowering it can be like “cheating” in the right Warzone 2 situation.



Warzone 2 player with contract phone

Console Warzone players were crying out for an FOV slider so they could see more of the world around them and although it arrived with Warzone 2, pro player Lucky Chamu showed how a low FOV can actually be OP.

The Field of View (FOV) slider has been a controversial topic in Call of Duty ever since Modern Warfare 2019 introduced crossplay. While PC players could crank their FOV all the way to 120 to increase their spatial awareness, console players were locked at 80 until Warzone 2 was released.

Despite the obvious advantages of a high FOV, streamer and Warzone pro Lucky Chamu showed how lowering your FOV can offer a major advantage in fights.

While fighting on a rooftop, Lucky Chamu was struggling to see far-off targets with his iron sight M4. To help see these distant targets, the streamer brought up his settings and lowered his FOV all the way down to 60.

While this severely limited how much he could see of the world around him, it actually made everything in the center of his screen much bigger and easier to hit. With his zoomed-in screen, he was able to see and accurately hit extremely far-off targets.

“I am cheating for this,” the streamer said after killing a reasonably far away enemy that looked pretty close.

After the clip was uploaded to YouTube, Lucky Chamu clarified that “Using 60 FOV helps when posted up and camping like a little b** like me! It allows you to render at farther distance to take shots.”

You wouldn’t want to play a whole game at 60 FOV — not only would you have almost no spatial awareness but you could also get motion sick. But when camping on a roof and needing to fight distant targets, 60 FOV will make them much easier to see.

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Image Credit: Activision