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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone 2 players call for major buffs to “useless” Sniper Rifles

Warzone 2 players have urged the devs to buff the game’s Sniper Rifles to make them more useful in the Season 1 meta.



Warzone 2 player using Sniper Rifle

Warzone 2 players have urged Infinity Ward to buff the game’s Sniper Rifles in an effort to make them effective in the current meta.

With Warzone 2 finally out in the wild, millions of players are jumping into Al Mazrah and coming to terms with the new game. The battle royale sequel has received a positive response so far, but every new game launches with a few issues that the community want changed.

The TTK in Warzone 2 has been hot topic from day one, with players feeling that is too fast at close-range, but frustratingly inconsistent at a distance.

CoD fans are now calling for a buff to Sniper Rifles to help Warzone 2 feel balanced across all fights.

Reddit users Bigcarts posted arguing that “Sniper headshots should always be a down,” as they were in the previous Warzone. Hitting a headshot with a Sniper in the sequel deals big damage, but only the Victus XMR is capable of knocking enemies in one shot.

“I think its so stupid that a headshot with the bolt action Snipers will only break 3 plates,” the OP said. “A solid headshot should 100% down an enemy at range.”

Other players seemed to agree, claiming that ineffective Sniper Rifles make Warzone 2’s TTK feel unpredictable from fight to fight.

“The fact that a Fennec can delete you in 0.2 seconds but a Sniper Rifle headshot let’s the guy run away, seems really weird to me,” replied tcarnie. “The TTL is way [too] low right now, and not having one-shot headshots makes the game feel off paced.”

Many other users added that making Sniper Rifles a two-hit kill isn’t a good enough incentive to make the mobility sacrifices needed to carry one, and that a comprise should be reached between heavy Snipers and lighter Markman Rifles.

“Should be no headshot down for the marksman rifles, but if I’m lugging around one of those Sniper Rifles that move like molasses I should be downing people in one shot,” said one player.

“Good game balance is making the slow weapons (shotties, snipers) kill quickly when you make accurate shots, otherwise they’re useless,” agreed another.

With Season 1 Reloaded around the corner, there’s every chance the devs will adjust the damage of many of Warzone 2’s guns. Fans will be hoping for either a Sniper Rifle rework or a nerf to other weapons to make them more viable.

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Image credit: Activision