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Vonderhaar reveals new Blackout info in rapid-fire interview with GameInformer



GameInformer has shared a new interview with Treyarch’s Studio Design Director, David Vonderhaar, where he answers about 195 Questions in a “Rapid Fire QA” video posted.

Here’s a breakdown of everything he revealed:

  • Blackout has a player count of 80. Internal  testing up to 115, “with any luck”
  • Treyarch Testing split-screen for Blackout
  • Not a simulation
  • Blackout might take place in North California
  • Treyarch is not ruling out adding characters from other Call of Duty games, but they’re current plans include Treyarch based characters

  • Blackout will have limited time events events to use/unlock certain content, Vahn says content may not be characters
  • There are a few types of Armor
  • No plans for cosmetic based loot in matches
  • Weapons do not have a rarity variation in Blackout, Vahn states in the interview that it makes the rest of the game confusing
  • Mission for characters and mission progression unlocks new content
  • Players can trade items between players, presumably within squads.
  • Dead players will drop their stashes, which you can loot. If you pick up a weapon that is quest related, you can take over the quest.
  • Zombies spawn at at least four locations at specific zombies based locations. Vahn says, “look for the ray of light”
  • It’s possible circle can close in on pack of zombies
  • Circle will be randomly directed in games. They don’t want it closing outside of the map or in water places too often.
  • Blackout indirectly affects other game modes
  • Helicopters spawn at Helipad or similar locations (locations like dirt patches)
  • You can pack up to 10-20 loot items onto the cargo vehicle, if you try to go over the limit, the loot will just drop off
  • Players are allowed to hold two primary weapons
  • Blackout features a “victory quote” when you win, but specifics not revealed
  • Zombies is the only A.I
  • There’s no third person. It’s all first person. “First person shooters and put them on the internet.”
  • The point of the beta is to ensure game tuning, item tuning, progression are all on track to the numbers Treyarch
  • Vahn won’t comment on Blackout going standalone, says he “makes the shoe” and not the business decisions
  • GameInformer asks if you can camp in a tub, Vahn says that won’t work and you won’t win like that.
  • Players can find Ruin’s Grappling Hook and use this. Any character can use the hook, you don’t have to be Ruin to use it.
  • Icon above your character
  • There is fall damage
  • Horns on vehicles can be honked
  • There’s no other weather than the day light setting. Vahn says “you have to be able to see.”
  • Firing Range and Nuketown Island mentioned
  • Nuketown Island has mannequins
  • Little Bird is a small helicopter in Blackout
  • Blackout will have emotes, Treyarch wants it in at launch
  • There is a melee weapon in Blackout that has to do with Zombies
  • Asked about Zombies lore, Vahn says “nova gas symbology, circle outside”
  • Raven Software are working with Treyarch on Black Ops 4
  • Vahn say enjoys SHG’s take on Prop Hunt. Say it may come to Black Ops 4 MP
  • There is no headquarters social space in Black Ops 4
  • 5 Vehicles in Blackout
  • Vahn wanted wingsuit during introduction to BO4 but opted for parachuting
  • No voiced lines/dialogue between characters in BO4
  • At least one Mason in Blackout
  • There is no cross platform play
  • 20 characters to choose from at Blackout launch, possibly 22 — all 20 characters should be in the beta.
  • There is some introduction to characters, but compact/small
  • There could be relationships between specialists
  • Difficult to run at 60 fps at Blackout size, but 60 fps is a consistent target and can be hit
  • Vahn says they will not lock FPS. Says “no way” for 30 FPS lock. Game Informer mentioned that Blackout runs at 60FPS on PS4 pretty well.
  • The circle may be made of Nova Gas, Vahn says being caught outside is “bad news”
  • Free Run is not in Blackout, but there are references to it

You can watch the full video HERE.