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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Vanguard’s Armaguerra SMG makes zero noise with bizarre bug

Call of Duty: Vanguard players discovered an odd bug with the new Armaguerra SMG, reporting that it has no sound.



vanguard armaguerra no sound bug

Vanguard’s brand-new Armaguerra 43 SMG introduced in the Season 2 Reloaded update possesses a bizarre audio bug when it’s used with a specific attachment.

The Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded update looked to fix a lot of problems that have been present for some time, including the Aim Assist bug and missing Sniper Rifle buffs.

The update also brought new content, like the new Arms Race mode and Armaguerra 43 SMG. While this SMG has impressed the community with its abilities so far, dominating close-range fights with its fast fire rate, there does seem to be a slight issue with a certain attachment.

armaguerra vanguard

Reddit users boxx_4 and LLlMIT both highlighted an audio bug with the new Armaguerra SMG over on the Vanguard subreddit.

After unlocking the Armaguerra 43, It seems the issue occurs when players attach a suppressor to the weapon, which causes a bug that makes the gun silenced, literally.

The suppressors causing the issue are the M1929 Silencer and the Mercury Silencer, which are both said to provide sound suppression, but we doubt to this extent.

After adding a suppressor, players realised that there was no sound coming from the weapon when firing.

In the video posted by boxx_4, they show what the weapon sounds like without the attachment and then with the suppressor, and it’s pretty astounding to hear absolutely no audio coming from the weapon.

Further, LLIMIT’s experience is similar, except their clip is during an online match rather than a private one. The only sound you can hear is the sound of hitmarkers, headshots, and the impact of the bullets when breaking through doors and other surfaces.

It’s unclear whether or not others in the match are also getting no sound from the weapon, but if that is the case, this bug is definitely problematic.

Someone in the comments of the post even stated that their experience with the new weapon is even worse, as when they attach the suppressor to the weapon, shooting the SMG causes the entire game sound to mute:

“My situation is even worse, everytime I shoot the gun the entire game sound is muted”

Hopefully this is something that the devs can fix as soon as possible, as it’s not the ideal experience for players using a new weapon and trying out different attachments with it.

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Image Credits: Sledgehammer Games / Activision