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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Vanguard update finally fixes major problem with Ranked Play SR

The CoD Vanguard developers have responded to player complaints about Ranked Play SR gains in a brand-new update.



Vanguard Operator and Ranked Skills

The Vanguard developers have made some changes to the game’s Ranked Play system in response to numerous player complaints about Skill Rating progression.

Vanguard’s Ranked Mode wasn’t available at the game’s launch, and players had to wait for it to release 3 months later. Once it arrived, certain aspects of this system received criticism from the community.

Many complaints were directed towards the Skill Rating that players can earn and lose at the end of matches. The developers have now responded to these problems with Vanguard Ranked Play in a new update.

Ranked Play ranks Vanguard

Skill Rating, or SR, in Vanguard Ranked Play, is a number that determines a player’s skill level within that Ranked Play season. However, many players reported that they would only earn five SR in wins, but would lose over 50 after defeats.

In a March 28 update, Treyarch announced that new Ranked Play updates are now live, so players will no longer have to worry about low SR earnings and unreasonably large losses at the end of matches.

Lead Game Design for Treyarch, Lawrence Metten, further explained: “This update makes wins more rewarding, losses less punishing, and improves overall consistency of SR gained/lost and more.”

They also talked about the Hidden Performance Range (HPR) of every player. This is explained as “a range of how good we think you are and how we predict you’ll stack up against other players.”

So, the better players you defeat during Ranked Play matches, the more the range will increase. This will let you earn a greater amount for every win while losing a lower amount for each defeat until your SR and HPR match up.

Vanguard players had been frustrated with the state of SR earnings and losses in Ranked Play for a while, and these changes should help improve things. It’s reassuring to know that the devs are listening to player feedback and attempting to fix major problems.

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Image credits: Sledgehammer Games