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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Vanguard spawns are the “worst” in CoD history

Vanguard’s spawn system causing players to spawn into enemy bullets may be the worst we’ve seen in years.



Vanguard spawns

Countless players have voiced their frustrations with unpredictable and ridiculous Vanguard spawns.

Of the many reported issues brought to light following Vanguard’s November 5 release, the widespread distaste for spawns certainly tops the list. Whether the current spawn mechanics were an intentionally designed aspect of Vanguard or an unfortunate mistake remains to be seen.

Too often, players will practically spawn on top of enemies. If you don’t spawn on top of enemies, chances are you’re spawning into enemy bullets. While this occurs more often on small maps, it remains an issue on maps of all sizes.

Spawning in close proximity to enemy players can result in moments of intense frustration. Not getting the chance to reset and regain after dying can lead to an awful Vanguard experience. Continuously dying off spawn because you don’t have time to react to nearby enemies is maddening.

Some will be quick to point out that playing Blitz pacing on a map like Dome will result in busted spawns. Although this is correct, the issue plagues Combat Pacing and maps outside of the aforementioned pair.

If done correctly, experienced players should even be able to read and predict spawns correctly. Traditionally, spawns have followed a set of rules or logical patterns such as not spawning next to teammates who are being fired at by multiple enemies.

Sledgehammer must address this issue for the sake of Vanguard’s player base. The spawn system has already left players feeling incredibly frustrated. If this issue goes unaddressed the developers run the risk of alienating more and more players with each passing day.

To Sledgehammer’s credit, they have addressed most of the bugs and glitches that have appeared throughout Vanguard’s early days. The Search & Destroy bomb glitch is one of the few that remain, although Sledgehammer has promised a fix is on the way.

Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games