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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Vanguard players call for damage mag nerfs after banning “two-shot” STG 44 loadout

Professional CoD players are calling for the devs to nerf the magazine used in the banned “two-shot” STG 44 loadout.



STG 44 in Vanguard

An overpowered “two-shot” STG 44 loadout has been banned from Vanguard tournaments, and professional players are now asking the devs to nerf the loadout’s damage mags.

While Call of Duty: Vanguard brought a ton of fun new content, there have also been some major problems as players have found overpowered weapons like the “two-shot” 1911 pistol loadout.

That weapon loadout was so powerful that it was banned from tournaments, and the same is now true for the “two-shot” STG 44 loadout. Now, players are calling for the devs to nerf the STG 44 loadout’s damage mags.

STG 44 in Vanguard

Professional Call of Duty players were frustrated with how this STG 44 loadout was affecting Vanguard tournaments. Many of them found themselves being sniped or taken down in just two shots.

One of the attachments that the STG 44 loadout gets its strength from is the .30 Russian Short Magazine.

As shown by content creator Hayashii, this ammo mag buffs the weapon’s damage stats. When combined with the Vital Proficiency attachment which adds a headshot multiplier to other parts of the body, the pairing is almost unstoppable.

“Sledgehammer, you should take a look at the Vital Proficiency + mags that change the weapon’s base damage,” he tweeted to Vanguard’s devs. “Currently it is making the STG and Type-100 kill with only 2 shots if one of them hits the chest. That makes Vital Proficiency not only OP but basically broken.”

The .30 Russian Short Magazine attachment was also used in an overpowered “two-shot” 1911 pistol loadout, so players are aware of how effective it is. Now, they’re calling for the developers to address these issues.

At the time of writing, Sledgehammer Games have yet to respond to the problem, but we might see them implement some nerfs to the attachment in a future update. Until then, players have to rely on manually removing these attachments.

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Image Credit: Activision/ Sledgehammer Games