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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Vanguard player claims to have uncovered mouse sensitivity bug

A Vanguard player thinks they may have found an issue with the sensitivity when using a mouse and keyboard.



Vanguard mouse sensitivity glitch

Many users opt for a mouse and keyboard when they’re playing Vanguard, thanks to the greater control it affords when aiming. However, one player may have found an issue with sensitivity when using a mouse.

Call of Duty: Vanguard was released on November 5 and got a warm reception from the CoD community, with many fans loving the new weapons and WWII-themed maps. Even weeks later, players are still experimenting with the right setups to lead them to victory.

This doesn’t just stop at your loadout. If you’re a PC user then getting the right mouse and keyboard settings is just as important as the right Optic.

However, one Vanguard player seems to have discovered an issue with mouse sensitivity that may affect your aim.

Vanguard player using type 100

Reddit user iPapaCrash discovered the issue after carrying out a simple test in which they moved their mouse from left to right. They ensured that each movement was the same speed and length.

Despite the mouse settings being configured correctly in the pre-game menus, they found that the mouse sensitivity actually leans left.

Each time they aimed in either direction and tried to return to the same starting point, the camera always pointed slightly further left than where it began.

As you can imagine, this could cause issues in a game that relies on precision aiming and quick reflexes.

Many players responded expressing concern that this apparent issue could have their performance in-game.

“That’s crazy. I wonder how much of an effect that can have on our aim,” said one player. “That seems like a pretty significant amount of movement to the left.”

Others claimed to have already noticed that the sensitivity seemed off and felt that this could finally explain why.

“This makes sense, there’s something about the mouse that feels off compared to Cold War and nothing I do in the settings makes it feel like how smooth Cold War felt to me,” a fan replied.”

Vanguard character holding weapon

It’s worth noting that the sensitivity only appeared to be slightly in favor of the lefthand side. Other players also argued that the way they tested may not be accurate.

Now that the issue is out there, we’ll have to wait and see if more players carry out their own tests and come back with results.

As always, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL to get news on all the latest Vanguard bugs and glitches.

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Image Credits: Activision / Sledgehammer Games