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Call of Duty: Mobile

Two new modes confirmed for CoD Mobile Season 2

The highly-anticipated CoD Mobile Season 2 will be receiving two new game modes, so here’s all the details on these hot new features.



CoD Mobile Tank

Call of Duty: Mobile is set to bolster its collection of game modes even further in Season 2, adding Tank Battle and Gunfight Sniper to the game.

CoD Mobile is set for a massive content drop in Season 2, bringing a plethora of new weapons, maps, and more. Plenty of content from Modern Warfare is arriving, with extremely popular maps Shipment and Shoot House coming, as well as the AS VAL and SP-R 208 available to unlock and use.

On top of all of this new content, two new modes, ‘Tank Battle’ and ‘Gunfight Snipers’ will join the extensive set of game modes. The official CoD Mobile Twitter account revealed these new modes, but Garena Call of Duty: Mobile has released the details early.

Here’s everything you need to know about these new ways to play.

CoD Mobile’s battle royale will be receiving a new, unique game mode with ‘Tank Battle.’ As the title suggests, this is battle royale with much more tanks. Players will be able to assemble armored vehicles over the course of the match by collecting parts. If RNG is on your side, you can also build the tank through a blueprint in an airdrop.

Tank Battle will be playable in CoD Mobile from March 19 until March 25.

First seen in Modern Warfare (2019), ‘Gunfight Snipers’ brings CoD back to the 1v1 quickscope battle days. This new version is very similar to the classic Gunfight mode, but instead, you’ll only be able to use a Sniper Rifle.

Played 3v3 on small maps such as Shipment, the first team to win six rounds will take home the victory.

Gunfight Sniper will come into CoD Mobile’s rotation on March 26 until May 1.

CoD Mobile Season 2 is set to release on March 10. Alongside all of these new maps, weapons, and game modes, Modern Warfare and Warzone Operator Alex will join the roster of playable Call of Duty characters.

Image Credit: Activision