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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

TrueGameData explains how to balance Sniper Rifles in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 guru TrueGameData has explained how to make Sniper Rifles more viable in the CoD battle royale shooter moving forward.



cod operator using sniper rifle in warzone 2

Sniper Rifles in Warzone 2 are a constant source of frustration for battle royale players and stats expert TrueGameData has provided details on how to improve the popular class.

Warzone 2 players have mostly been unsatisfied with snipers since Warzone 2 launched as their inability to down players with headshots has proven to be contentious.

Back in the OG title, players knew that they could whip out their Kar98K or Swiss K31, land a headshot, and no matter how much armor or health the enemy soldier had, it would be an instant down/elimination.

This has changed in Warzone 2 with all snipers unable to down someone with a fully stocked 3-plate vest. Now, TrueGameData, one of the leading statisticians in the CoD community, has offered a reasonable solution to the Sniper Rifle problem.

A reliable source of knowledge when it comes to optimal loadouts for guns, recoil patterns, and in-game data, the content creator has described how there isn’t a “good, easy, ‘balanced’ answer,” but there are ways to improve matters at least.

He claims that users were “begging to remove 1 shot snipers at one point in WZ1” and now this thought has completely flipped in Warzone 2.

“I think what they did in WZ1 was probably the best option, just a one-shot range out to ~40m for light snipers and ~65 m for heavy snipers. But even that did kind of ruin sniping for me, as a sniper main for most of WZ1,” he explained in a tweet.

He also believes that Shotguns are currently too OP in the game, and believes that no matter how you tinker with a class “a large portion of the player base will always be unhappy.”

In general, TrueGameData says his change “is probably the best middle ground for the community.” Although, he did elaborate further on how you could tinker with standalone stats in conjunction with the idea of one-shot kills.

By also incorporating aim walking steadiness, aim sway, and more factors into the equation, it means that scoring instant downs would be a lot more skillful and not everyone could just pull them off.

There are definitely some interesting points here to consider and perhaps even an answer that the sniping community has been crying out for.

With other aspects of Warzone 2 being addressed such as Perks, the Gulag, and possibly the Fennec & RPK meta, snipers could be targeted in the future.

Image Credit: Activision