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Updates to Black Ops 4 Black Market System announced following fan feedback



Treyarch has announced in a new Reddit post tonight changes to Call of Black Market Reserves based on feedback from their new system in Operation Grand Heist.

Many fans were upset after the changes in Operation Grand Heist, which took away the ability to earn cases following reaching Tier 100 in the new tier system. Additionally, Treyarch added in Reserve Crates — Supply Drops – with very low earning times.

With the new changes, Cases are being added back to the Tier system. Reserve Crates earn rates will be doubled to allow players to earn them faster, rather than the slow progression system that exists.

The new changes are live on PlayStation 4 now.

From Treyarch:

This week’s update brought several changes to the Black Market, including an Inventory system, simplification of Blackjack’s Shop UI, and the new ability to earn Blackjack’s Reserve Cases by playing the game on top of earning new items with each Tier in the Contraband stream. The intention with this system was to give more players more frequent access to content in Reserves, as players could now earn them from the start by playing the game, rather than only gaining access after completing Tier 100.

However, by moving progress toward Reserves up front instead of at the end of the stream, this had an unintended effect on players who progressed through the first 100 Tiers. Initial earn rates for Blackjack’s Reserve Cases through gameplay were also too slow. These issues and more are being resolved today.

As of the next update currently targeted for later today, Reserve Cases will be added back to the Tiers at the end of the Contraband stream, and players will continue to earn progress toward Cases for gameplay time while progressing through the stream. Daily Tier Skips after 100 Tiers will also work as before, granting a Case for each Tier for players of all modes to ensure the original goal of allowing players to earn Reserves earlier and with more frequency than in previous Operations.

Additionally, the earn rate for Reserve Cases through gameplay will be doubled to ensure players earn Cases faster at all times.

Lastly, if you’ve already progressed beyond Tier 100 during this Operation, you will automatically be awarded with the same number of Reserve Cases that you would have earned for every Tier completed since that point in this Operation. This means no lost Tier-based progress toward Reserves, as your Cases earned after Tier 100 should be waiting for you once you’ve applied this evening’s update.

To recap, Black Market progression will be updated to work as follows in this evening’s update:

  1. Reserve Cases will again be earnable at every Tier after 100 in the Contraband stream, and Daily Tier Skips will again apply to Tiers after the 100-Tier mark through play in all modes.
  2. The earn rate for Reserve Cases through playing the game will be doubled.
  3. Cases will be retroactively awarded to those who progressed past Tier 100 before this update for every additional Tier completed.

And of course, players will continue to earn Cases at all times on top of their regular Contraband Tier unlocks, as it has been since Tuesday’s update. These changes will go live later today on PS4 and will immediately go into effect when Operation Grand Heist begins on Xbox One and PC next week.

SOURCE: Treyarch