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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Top 5 tips to dominate Garrison in Black Ops Cold War

Ensuring complete control of this base can be achieved, find out how with our top 5 tips to dominate Garrison in Black Ops Cold War.



Garrison is a compelling BOCW map because it’s not big, it is dangerous, and it can be dominated with the right strategy and gusto. We reveal our 5 best tips to improve at Garrison below.

What better map to complement an intense, military-shooter than by having a secure Garrison stronghold with a tank plonked right in the middle of it. Garrison delivers on all of the thrills and spills its tightly-packed medium-sized map offers.

Every square-inch of the map gets utilized in some capacity, but you need to be using the right routes, the right spaces, and the right methods.

Best tips to dominate Garrison in BOCW

1. Don’t go under the tank

It looks great as a map feature, but its underground channel is not an ideal mode of exploration. Due to the smaller nature of the map, players will naturally gravitate towards the center of the map more.

Meaning if you seek passage under the tank you’re heavily exposed once you emerge from the ladder. Even if you’re not gunned down immediately after popping your head out, you pretty much appear in clear sight of one of the two major spawn areas, leaving yourself open for an easy kill.

tank in garrison map in cod bocw

2. Use the sides of the tank

Don’t go under, just go around. The sides of the tank provide an extraordinary amount of coverage and give you a big visual of one half of the map.

Now, you can be flanked from each side, but a bit of careful checking should see to that easily enough. Also, this is an essential spot for capturing Flags and Hardpoints too as you can easily hold down this spot without too much danger in your eye line if you’re well-hidden behind the tank.

3. Try and occupy the walkway

Given that it overlooks each end of the map, it’s quite obvious as to why this is a must-own spot at some point of the match.

We don’t advise staying slap bang in the middle of it as you’ll be visible from nearly every aspect of the map. But creeping out from each side gives you a great advantage to pick off enemies and respawning enemies. Just be vigilant so that you aren’t jumped from behind.

the walkway in garrison in bocw

4. The vent is a great way to flank

Down one side of the map is a very secretive tunnel/crawl space that shields you from much of the map’s heated warfare.

As long as your finger is on the trigger and you have something that fires fast, or hit hard, then you can easily make some ground using this passage and it’s especially great for S&D and turning the tide in an Objective-based mode.

5. How to counteract campers that stay in their spawn

When a team gets the upper-hand in Garrison, the exposed spawn areas can sometimes become the heart of the action. You’ll find that as the dominating team, your team will move up to track down the hiding enemies and get killed.

To remedy this you simply need to use your own spawn and stand on a tank or some boxes, depending on which end you’re at, to see all the way through to the other side to pick off dedicated campers. You can also work your way up through one of the side paths to flank them too.

spawn area in garrison map in cod bocw

There you go, some top tips and tricks that should help you to General the Garrison a lot better in future games of it.

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Image credits: Treyarch